Prince George Considers Proposal To Own Rights To ALL Student & Teacher Work

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The Prince George school district has proposed that it is wanting to own the rights to all student and teacher work.  As you read more into the article, they want the district to receive the PG Schoolrecognition.  Sounds like a money issue to me.  Make something great as a teacher or a student, the district can reproduce it and sell it and YOU as the creator get nothing.  At this rate, teachers and students will be coming to school with contracts and negotiations before turning in or showing their work.

I am so disappointed to be reading this article that a school district would even consider doing this.  As a teacher, a parent and as a student, I would find this to be absolutely wrong on so many levels and to think of what the effects it could have on everyone concerned.  For a teacher, I believe it could be a motivational stopper. Many of those teachers could stop giving their 100% plus effort to teaching and to being creative.  As for the students…who would care about really trying to be creative or possibly even doing your best, just to have it owned by somebody else.  I cannot imagine not being able to bring home my art project to my parents to see and to hang on the fridge.

Either way, I think this entire thing stinks and is not a good idea.  There is a limit to everything, and this school district has crossed the line.